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Category: Breast Lift

Changes You Can Expect After Breast Lift

Posted October 08, 2023 in Breast Lift

Are you sad to find that your breasts hang lower on your chest than they did in your early 20s? Breast ptosis may be a common consequence of aging, but that does not mean you have to love the way it affects your appearance. Fortunately, you have a great cosmetic option for rejuvenating your breasts: […]

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Making Your Breasts Proportional to Your Body With Cosmetic Surgery

Posted April 11, 2023 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

When your breasts aren’t proportional to your body, it can affect more than just your silhouette. Disproportionate breasts can make you feel self-conscious and limit your clothing choices. The fact is that many women have breasts that are out of proportion with the rest of their figure. Dr. Scott Green explains cosmetic surgery options for […]

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This Simple Test at Home Can Help You Decide on a Breast Lift

Posted February 14, 2022 in Breast Lift

The natural aging process, your genetics and life experiences such as pregnancy or significant weight loss can all take a toll on the state of your breasts. Many women look to a breast lift to restore a perky, youthful placement. Dr. Scott Green is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you determine if breast […]

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The Ways Pregnancy Changes the Breasts

Posted August 31, 2021 in Breast Lift

Second only to puberty, pregnancy is the point in a woman’s life when her breasts change the most. The perky, youthful-looking breasts she enjoyed prior to becoming pregnant can become less visually appealing due to the many changes that occur throughout pregnancy. In this blog, board certified plastic surgeon Scott Green explains some of the […]

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