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Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures in Sacramento

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures in SacramentoHow can one of our many Face Procedure help you

Let’s face it — more than any other feature our faces are scrutinized by ourselves — and by others. We examine them closely in the mirror. Others pay close attention to them when we engage in conversation. It is the feature that uniquely identifies us to the world. For many of us, these occasions are but a few where our silent insecurities manifest themselves. Insecurities that we “face” every day, which needlessly affect our self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of attractiveness.

Our facial plastic surgery patients in Sacramento have a wide variety of concerns. It may be that their nose is too big, their eyes are too droopy, or their chin is too small. With the right Sacramento plastic surgeon, these features can be improved so that rather than being self-conscious about them you are proud to show them off.

Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures Offered

Dr. Green performs the following facial sculpting procedures:

Unlike some plastic surgeons, Dr. Scott Green understands the importance of the in-person consultation. He looks forward to meeting with you to learn more about your aesthetic goals. Request a consultation with Dr. Green online and discover what results you can achieve through facial sculpting or other plastic surgery options.