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Labia come in different shapes and sizes and can even change over time. Some women who are displeased with the appearance, tightness and/or comfort of their vaginal region seek labiaplasty to make slight but impactful changes to this sensitive tissue. Dr. Scott Green is a plastic surgeon who has helped to boost the confidence and sexual pleasure of his patients with labiaplasty.

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Some women naturally have larger labia minora than others.

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause the labia to swell and darken. While these changes eventually subside for most women, not all women will have their skin retighten to its former size and shape. The hormonal changes during pregnancy are more likely to lead to permanently enlarged labia.

As the body ages, a woman may notice her labia become increasingly loose and thin. These changes are especially common around menopause when hormone levels fluctuate significantly.

Though less common than other causes, frequently wearing restrictively tight clothing or spending hours on a bicycle seat can put undue pressure on some women’s genitals, changing the shape of the labia.


Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that requires local or general anesthesia. Dr. Green typically completes this surgery in about two hours, utilizing one of two techniques, both of which are effective and safe:

A trim technique involves delicately removing the extra tissue from the outer edges of the labia minora so that it matches the size of the labia majora. The labia minora can also be made slightly smaller than the labia majora if desired. This is the preferred approach for patients who are especially concerned with the darker pigmented edges of their labia. Some patients choose to treat only one side of the labia to address symmetry issues.

Wedge labiaplasty is a more complex technique that removes a V-shaped wedge of tissue from the middle of the labia. The edges of the labia are stitched together, which effectively tightens the labia. However, it does not alter the darker outer lips of the labia.

During the consultation phase, Dr. Green listens to his patients’ concerns about their labia and can recommend the appropriate technique to best meet their goals.


Patients should take prescribed pain medication to relieve any post-surgical discomfort. They should prioritize rest and relaxation in the initial days, with most patients feeling well enough to return to work after one or two weeks. Dr. Green instructs labiaplasty patients to abstain from sexual activity for at least six weeks to allow the labia time to heal. Swelling should subside in the weeks and months to follow surgery.


Since each labiaplasty is customized to the unique needs of the patient, costs can vary. Relevant factors include the technique utilized and the amount of tissue needing to be removed. Dr. Green can provide a complete quote during a consultation. Because labiaplasty is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, it is rarely covered by insurance. However, financing options are available.

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