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Changes You Can Expect After Breast Lift


Posted October 08, 2023 in Breast Lift

Are you sad to find that your breasts hang lower on your chest than they did in your early 20s? Breast ptosis may be a common consequence of aging, but that does not mean you have to love the way it affects your appearance. Fortunately, you have a great cosmetic option for rejuvenating your breasts: breast lift. Dr. Scott Green, a prestigious plastic surgeon in Sacramento, frequently performs this popular surgery. The following is a list of several of the positive benefits that his patients discover after having breast lift:

1. Higher Breasts

As its name suggests, breast lift is primarily concerned with elevating your breasts so that they do not hang low on your chest. This surgery moves the breasts upward to where they used to be when you were a younger woman.

2. Rounder Shape

Sagging breasts look more pendulous than youthful breasts. By moving the volume higher on your body, your breasts take on an appealing round shape.

3. Firmer Texture

Once Dr. Green removes the excess skin from around your breasts, your breasts should look and feel firmer/denser.

4. Perkier Nipples

In most cases, Dr. Green repositions the areolas so that they are more central on the breast. He also reprojects the nipples so that they poke outward rather than downward, which helps to give your breasts a younger appearance.

5. Improved Symmetry

Genetics and other factors can cause one breast to sag lower than the other. With breast lift, Dr. Green can take the opportunity to address symmetry so that they hang at the same position on both sides. If the sizes of the breasts are inharmonious, this can be addressed with breast reduction or breast augmentation.

6. Better Fashion Choices

Dresses and tops just don’t look as great when your breasts sag significantly. In their new elevated position, you have more wardrobe choices — plus you can even get away with going bra-less on occasion!

7. Renewed Self-Confidence

After having a cosmetic procedure, your self-esteem is likely to increase, and you should find it easier to take pride in your appearance. Inevitably, this has a positive impact on your social life and your professional life.

Do Breast Lift’s Benefits Sound Appealing to You?

If you want to reclaim a younger breast shape and positioning with breast lift, your best first step is to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon with a proven track record of achieving great results. In Sacramento and Granite Bay, Dr. Green stands out as the most proficient and friendly surgeon. To meet with Dr. Green and begin a conversation about breast lift, please request a consultation online.