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Category: Brow Lift

Coronal vs. Endoscopic Brow Lift: Which Is Right for You?

Posted August 09, 2023 in Brow Lift

Have you started noticing some changes on your forehead? Like it or not, that’s a common part of aging. Loose skin sags, eyebrows sink closer to your eyes, and the lines between your brows and across your forehead become a permanent fixture. One of the best ways to make cosmetic improvements to your forehead is […]

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What Can You Do about Drooping Eyelids?

Posted November 29, 2021 in Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery

Although the expression “wide-eyed innocence” conveys a sense of naivety, it also connotes youth. As you get older, you may notice in the mirror that your eyes (in a very literal sense) do not appear as wide as they used to be. Drooping eyelids are a common part of aging. Thankfully, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. […]

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