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Plastic Surgery in Sacramento & Granite Bay
Sacramento & Granite Bay (916) 929-1833


samanthaOur Roseville and Sacramento cosmetic surgery Patient Coordinators work closely with the patient and physician to insure optimum communication. The Coordinators provide information on the physicians, the practice, and your upcoming procedure. They offer pre-surgery and basic post-op instructions, fee information, and schedule your surgery. After surgery, our Medical Assistants are available to answer any questions regarding your recovery. The Medical Assistants can be reached through our main line (916) 929-1833.

My Patient Coordinator is Samantha Sharum and she can be reached at (916) 569-5226.

We do require an adult to pick you up in Sacramento after your plastic surgery procedure and stay with you for 24 hours. The person who stays with you does not need be in the medical field. Please ask your Patient Coordinator for information regarding caregivers and available agencies that provide home healthcare.

Compression Garments

Certain procedures like laser-assisted liposuction in Sacramento require you to wear a compression garment after surgery. We provide certain garments during surgery. Your patient coordinator will instruct you on anything you will need prior to your surgery. We suggest that you purchase your garments in time to bring them to your pre-op visit. The garment must fit comfortably and not compromise circulation. It must provide compression above and below the highest and lowest areas of surgery. For example, if you have liposuction of your thighs, the garment must extend to your knees. Garments are available at:

4811 Chippendale Drive
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 638-2508

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics West, Inc.
1248 32nd Street
Sacramento, California 95816
(916) 452-5724

Hanger Prosthetics has many area locations from Redding to Lodi. Visit the above web site for details.

Web sites selling compression garments include:

Lab Work

Your procedure may require pre- and/or post surgery lab work. Cosmetic patients can use the following link to locate the nearest LabCorp facility:

Insurance cases should contact their health insurance plan to locate contracted laboratory locations.

Support Groups

There are many web sites dealing with support groups – some of which are excellent sources of information. Among those we find helpful are:

Breast Cancer

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Other Resources

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) provides an excellent site offering straightforward, dependable information on the most common procedures, photos, statistics, frequently asked questions, and much more.

A similar site is sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

The Mayo Clinic site offers general information on plastic surgery benefits and risks.

Hotel & Restaurant Information

Local Hotels Include:

Larkspur Landing
555 Howe Ave., Sacramento 95825
(916) 646-1212

Residence Inn
1530 Howe Ave, Sacramento
(916) 920-9111

Vagabond Executive Inn
2030 Arden Way, Sacramento
(916) 929-5600

Restaurants Close to the Sacramento Office Include:

Zinfandel Grill
2384 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento
(916) 485-7100

Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar
545 Munroe St., Sacramento
(916) 489-1822

24 Hour Pharmacies

Walgreens Drug Store
4331 Antelope Road 95843
(916) 722-3304

Walgreens Drug Store
860 East Avenue 95926
(530) 899-0887

Citrus Heights
Walgreens Drug Store
6144 Dewey Drive 95621
(916) 723-4118

Elk Grove
Walgreens Drug Store
7299 Laguna Blvd. 95758
(916) 691-4412

Walgreens Drug Store
602 10th Street 95901
(530) 743-2594

Walgreens Drug Store
8900 Greenback Lane 95662
(916) 990-0500

Walgreens Drug Store
980 E. Cypress Avenue 96002
(530) 221-5028

Rite Aid Pharmacy
1730 Watt Avenue 95825
(916) 483-9268

Walgreens Drug Store
1919 Fruitridge Road 95822
(916) 457-5733

Walgreens Drug Store
15 W. Harding Way 95204
(209) 941-9632

West Sacramento
Walgreens Drug Store
1351 W. Capitol Avenue 95691
(916) 371-1415

Yuba City
Walgreens Drug Store
855 Colusa Avenue 95991
(530) 674-5133