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Questions We Hear Most Often from Male Plastic Surgery Patients


Posted March 07, 2024 in Male Plastic Surgery

Some men have a difficult time finding the plastic surgery information they are looking for. Since women comprise most of a practice’s plastic surgery patients, a lot of web content is geared toward them. However, Dr. Scott Green has treated male patients throughout his long, successful career. In this blog, he answers some of the most common questions he hears to help prospective male patients have a better understanding of what they can expect from cosmetic procedures.

“Do Men Actually Get Plastic Surgery?”

Yes. In fact the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures has steadily grown in recent years. Many people already know a man who has had cosmetic work done, although they may be less forthcoming about discussing this openly. Societal attitudes toward men wanting to look and feel attractive have changed significantly, especially in the digital age. Dr. Green can confirm that this trend is real based on the number of male patients he meets with.

“What Kind of Procedures Are Popular with Men?”

Some of the most requested procedures for men include:

  • Rhinoplasty: Given the nose’s prominent, central location on the face, it is no surprise that men also want to improve the straightness or shape of their nose. Often, men want their nose to look more masculine.
  • Male breast reduction: Gynecomastia can give volume that feminizes the upper torso. By removing excess fat and tissue, Dr. Green can achieve more masculine contours.
  • Chin augmentation: An implant can help to extend and strengthen the jawline for a more handsome appearance.
  • Blepharoplasty: Eyelid surgery is a subtle form of rejuvenation addressing loose skin around the upper and/or lower eyes for a rested and rejuvenated appearance.
  • Liposuction: Stubborn fat can get in the way of having a toned physique. This surgery removes unwanted fat cells, and it is especially popular around the belly.

“Will I Look More Feminine If I Have Plastic Surgery?”

No, men should not look more feminine after plastic surgery, unless they have made that request. Dr. Green has refined techniques that help to maintain the masculinity of his male patients, which is not something that plastic surgeons who almost exclusively work with female patients can say. Patients should be sure to request before-and-after photos of male patients so that they can see firsthand the kind of results their prospective surgeon has achieved for other men. In general, men tend to prefer bodies that are muscular and toned rather than svelte. On the face, men want sharper angles than women tend to desire.

Are You a Man Considering Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Green understands that men have a lot of additional questions about cosmetic procedures, which is why he is happy to have an open conversation during a consultation. To arrange this meeting, please call either his Sacramento office at 916-929-1833 or his Granite Bay office at 916-773-5559.