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Can You Improve Facial Symmetry?


Posted November 07, 2023 in Facial Rejuvenation

While the expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is true, it is also fair to point out that certain traits are considered appealing to most people across a variety of cultures. Study after study on facial attractiveness has concluded that test subjects find symmetrical faces to be more attractive than non-symmetrical faces.

Throughout his esteemed career, plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green has helped patients with uneven facial features to achieve more symmetrical noses, eyes, mouths, cheeks, and chins. The following procedures are his most requested for addressing asymmetry:


Most patients who seek eyelid surgery do so to correct drooping eyelids that age their face. However, the same procedure can be performed for patients with asymmetrical eyelids. It is not unusual for a person to have eyelids of differing sizes or that sag at uneven rates to create dissimilar eye width. In these cases, Dr. Green can perform surgery on one or both upper eyelids to ensure that they match.


Noses are rarely perfectly symmetrical, but if the asymmetry is significant enough to be noticeable, a person may decide to correct the issue(s) with nose reshaping surgery. Ultimately, the type of asymmetry dictates how the surgery is performed — some nasal bridges are crooked, some nostrils are different sizes, and some nasal tips are off-center. Dr. Green can correct all these problems and more by making tiny, precise changes to the cartilage and bones.

Ear Pinning

Significant differences between one ear and the other can also disrupt facial symmetry. The most likely discrepancy is having one ear stick out further than the other, which can be corrected with ear pinning surgery to pull one or both ears inward to rest closer to the face. Dr. Green can also adjust the size of earlobes by removing tissue so that they look more identical.


For patients who want to address asymmetry but are not interested in undergoing surgery to achieve these changes, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm can often do the trick. It is one of the best treatments for uneven cheeks as hyaluronic acid can add fullness to areas of the face that have lost volume to attain more symmetrical, youthful features. It can also address certain nasal asymmetry issues. Furthermore, if one eyebrow sits lower than the other, Botox can help to elevate them equally.

Meet Dr. Green

If your genetics have left your face looking less symmetrical than you would like, there are plenty of cosmetic solutions to help you achieve facial harmony. Contact Dr. Green’s office in Sacramento or Granite Bay to learn more about the procedures and specific techniques.