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Ways to Improve the Appearance of Forehead Wrinkles


Posted August 01, 2020 in Facial Rejuvenation

Changes in the tone, texture and integrity of our skin usually occur naturally, as we age. When it comes to forehead wrinkles, our own behavior can also play a central role.

Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle etch lines across the upper face. And deep furrows called “dynamic wrinkles” result when expressive emotions animate the muscles of the forehead over many years. Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green is skilled in reversing these effects by smoothing skin and soothing muscles, using both surgical and noninvasive solutions.

Stress and Emotion

By generating the production of free radicals, stress weakens your skin, giving it an unhealthy look. Sometimes it is your reaction to stress that damages the skin. For example, when stress causes you to repeatedly grimace or frown, you are slowly creating noticeable lines and wrinkles.

Stress is not usually the cause of the dynamic wrinkles that form after years of facial muscle movement. Instead, the density of these creases and fine lines correlates with facial expressiveness. Some people essentially speak with their full face actively engaged in a conversation, raising eyebrows and furrowing the brow out of habit or to communicate emotion.

In this case, when the underlying muscles are creating the wrinkles, neurotoxins are a popular way to give these muscles a rest. Botox has long been the muscle-relaxer of choice, although Dysport may be effective for targeted areas, such as vertical lines between the eyes. Botox, Dysport and a similar option, Xeomin, work on the deeper muscle, preventing frown lines by making the injected muscle too relaxed and lethargic to frown. With muscles in a less dynamic state, forehead wrinkles soften and fade away.

Dermal Fillers

When wrinkles are caused mostly by loss of volume and collagen in the skin, a different type of injectable may be the ideal solution. Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm Volbella, Juvéderm XC, Juvéderm Vollure, Juvéderm Voluma XC, Juvéderm Ultra, Radiesse Volumizing Filler, Sculptra and Restylane build facial volume, smooth fine lines, improve deep wrinkles, soften contours and add symmetry to any complexion. Dermal fillers often require a single injection, administered during a convenient office visit, and are effective for six months to a year or longer.

Surgical Solution

Brow lift offers a more permanent solution by tightening skin, erasing lines and raising eyebrows to create a happier, more relaxed look. To allow for the surgical lifting of skin, three to five incisions are made beyond your hairline. These half-inch incisions will heal as scar tissue, and hair will not regrow in this type of scar. If your hair is thin, the incisions can be placed farther from the hairline so that these small patches are not noticeable. Brow lifts are often done in conjunction with hair transplants, facial fat transfers, eyelid surgery or facelift.

To learn more about solutions for forehead wrinkles, and to schedule your personal consultation with Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green, please call (916) 929-1833 or request an appointment online today.