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Confined at Home for COVID-19? Book a Virtual Consultation With Dr. Green


Posted July 27, 2020 in Plastic Surgery

The term “telemedicine” has been around for decades, tracing its roots to that most ancient of communications systems, the landline telephone. As technology advanced, the phone consultation with a call center nurse began to evolve into email exchanges, online chats and ultimately to interactive video consultations with a doctor.

In recent months, this technology has proven to be a lifesaver, in every sense of the word. For patients of experienced Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green, it has made possible detailed discussion of surgical procedures, via online platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and GoToMeeting.

Let’s Get Digital

To benefit from a video consultation, a patient needs only a smartphone, laptop or desktop device equipped with a camera. Although virtual consultations are also possible over the phone or by sending and receiving email responses, a video chat allows real-time visual evaluation and more precise recommendations. This is especially important when discussing plastic surgery, as the doctor needs to evaluate the aesthetic profile of a patient before prescribing a surgical solution.

Even for the technologically challenged, the process is surprisingly easy. The first step is to call our office to make an appointment for your online visit. After you schedule a time, Dr. Green’s staff will send you a link by email or text. Once you click on that link, you enter a virtual waiting room. When the doctor or medical assistant is ready, the consultation will begin. It is important to have your webcam on at this point, so that Dr. Green can make informed recommendations based on a visual examination. Patients are also encouraged to email relevant photos in advance of the consultation.

The process is safe, secure and private. Whether in-person or online, all doctors have legal and ethical obligations to protect patient records and confidentiality. The consultation is between you and Dr. Green. He will take notes, but no recordings will be made or stored.

As Hippocrates once said, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” Virtual consultations provide the opportunity for patients and doctors alike to preserve as much normalcy as possible in a time when so much around us has changed.

To schedule a virtual consultation with Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green, please call (916) 929-1833, or request an appointment online today.