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Ensuring Your Breast Augmentation Looks Natural


Posted January 06, 2024 in Breast Augmentation

Many people first think of oversized, artificial-looking breasts when they hear the term “breast augmentation.” However, as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green can attest, most patients prefer cosmetic breast enhancement results that look and feel as natural as possible. The good news is that realistic-looking breasts are very much attainable with plastic surgery. Below, he discusses how doctors and patients can ensure that breast augmentation results look as natural as possible.

Results That Look Natural

The most effective way to prevent your breasts from looking obviously enhanced is to choose breast implants of a modest size. While some women prefer a look that is unquestionably augmented, most women choose breast implants that make their chest size proportional (or slightly larger) than their frame.

The placement of the implants can also make a difference. Submuscular placement positions the implant behind the pectoral muscle for additional coverage. This makes it much less likely that the implant will become visible through the skin, even over time. However, some women who have sufficient breast tissue can still achieve realistic-looking results with a subglandular placement, which positions the implant above the pectoral muscle.

Breasts That Feel Natural

If the feel of your breasts is just as important to you as their presentation, you will probably want to choose silicone implants. Most women report that silicone implants feel more like real breast tissue than their saline counterparts, and their romantic partners express the same sentiment.

With that said, some women prefer saline implants because it is a more natural substance than silicone. Although implant rupture is unlikely, if a saline implant does break, it releases sterile saltwater that is safely expelled from the body with no risk of complications.

Choose an Excellent Surgeon

While the size, type, and location of the implant are important factors in creating a natural-looking breast profile, so is the plastic surgeon who performs the surgery. By having an experienced, top-rated doctor who has refined his breast augmentation techniques, you can trust that your results will look authentic and beautiful. If you prioritize looking for the cheapest plastic surgeon, this may show in your results.

Dr. Green is a leading breast specialist in Sacramento. His breast augmentation photo gallery demonstrates just how successful he is at enhancing breasts so that they look larger but no less natural. To ask Dr. Green all your questions about breast augmentation and determine if this surgery is right for you, please schedule an in-person or virtual consultation today.