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5 Reasons Rhinoplasty Is the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery


Posted January 31, 2022 in Rhinoplasty

In recent years, rhinoplasty has become the most performed plastic surgery in the United States. Award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green frequently performs this surgery for patients in Sacramento and Granite Bay. Here, he shares some of the reasons his patients have chosen to undergo this popular surgery:

1. The Nose Is a Prominent Feature

Because the nose protrudes from the center of the face, it is arguably the most prominent feature. While makeup and clothing can help to present or conceal other assets, that isn’t as easy to achieve with the nose. Consequently, many people decide that surgery is the most appropriate solution when they deem their nose a “problem” area.

2. Sought by Both Men and Women

Many cosmetic surgeries cater largely to one gender. While gynecomastia surgery and chin augmentation are popular with men, Brazilian butt lift and breast implants are geared toward women. Rhinoplasty is one surgery that seems to have equal appeal among men and women. Since male and female patients both request rhinoplasty, it is therefore performed more often overall.

3. Rhinoplasty Is Versatile

Dr. Green customizes each rhinoplasty to the specific needs and wishes of the patient. The surgery can make any number of significant changes, including changes to improve symmetry, straighten the nose, flatten a bump, alter the projection of the nasal tip and/or change the size and/or shape of the bridge or the nostrils. Some rhinoplasty patients choose to make one or two minor tweaks, while others significantly change their nose.

4. The Recovery Is Fairly Easy

In comparison to other plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty has a manageable recovery period. For most patients, discomfort only lingers for a few days. Although some mild swelling may linger, most of the visible side effects from rhinoplasty subside within a week, so patients feel comfortable returning to work, school or social activities fairly quickly. If necessary, makeup can help to cover up bruising.

5. The Changes Are Permanent

The results from most cosmetic procedures are finite: aging eventually undoes many of the changes that are achieved with surgery. That does not apply to rhinoplasty, however. Because the nose retains its shape with age, the changes attained through plastic surgery generally remain for the rest of the patient’s life. Not only does that make rhinoplasty a smart investment, but patients are more likely to have the surgery with the knowledge they will not need to repeat it in the future.

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Although rhinoplasty is now the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S., not all plastic surgeons are qualified to perform it. Rhinoplasty is famously one of the most difficult procedures to perform well, which makes selecting an excellent, detailed-oriented surgeon even more important. Dr. Green has experience achieving amazing outcomes for his rhinoplasty procedures and would be pleased to show you examples of his previous work. To schedule a consultation, please submit a request online.