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Why Women Feel So Much Happier After Breast Reduction


Posted July 10, 2023 in Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is one of the plastic surgeries with the highest satisfaction rate among patients. The reason for that is no mystery — in addition to being an effective cosmetic procedure, breast reduction can also transform the way a woman feels. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green shares some of the reasons why so many of his breast reduction patients are thrilled they made the decision to have this surgery.

Eliminating Chronic Pain

The top reason that women cite for their newfound happiness is the decrease in pain they experience. For many women, oversized breasts cause aches in their shoulders, neck, and back. They can also gradually affect the curvature of a woman’s spine. Once this excess weight is removed from the breasts, patients find that the pain is resolved without the need for medication.

Wardrobe Choices Expand Dramatically

Women who have large chests can feel restricted in their fashion choices. Sometimes that is because large breasts make certain clothing look more scandalous than it would on a smaller-chested woman, while other times, that is because clothes are not manufactured in sizes that accommodate a larger bust. With a smaller, more proportional chest, women find freedom in expanding their closet with new types of clothes that better reflect the way they have always wanted to dress.

Weight Management Is Easier

Not only can breast reduction literally remove a few pounds of tissue from a woman’s breasts, it can also make exercise less challenging. Simply put, running, jumping, and various other cardiovascular activities become easier for women when they are no longer carrying such heavy weight on their chests. Some women also discover that they no longer have the same fitness goals after breast reduction. Because breast reduction helps make women’s bodies appear more proportional, they look and feel trimmer and choose to maintain their current weight rather than diet.

The Ability to Blend In

Giant breasts can draw plenty of attention from strangers, often unwanted. Sometimes women want to run a simple errand without receiving glares or being made to feel self-conscious. Breast reduction makes it easier to avoid being the center of attention, especially at times when women would prefer to go unnoticed.

Meet with Dr. Green

Throughout his career, elite plastic surgeon Dr. Green has helped women with heavy, cumbersome breasts to achieve their desired figure with plastic surgery. Utilizing advanced techniques, he can reduce and lift the breasts for a more proportional appearance that remains aesthetically pleasing. To learn more about this surgery and the myriad benefits, please schedule a consultation by calling (916) 929-1833 for our Sacramento location or (916) 773-5559 for our Roseville/Granite Bay location.