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Brow Lift Sacramento


Posted April 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Some people genetically predisposed to have a heavy brow, while others may find their brow sagging over time due to gravity and the natural aging process. A heavy, sagging brow can make us seem not only older than we are, but more upset or even angry than we actually feel. There are many common signs of aging that people notice in their brows as well, particularly the vertical furrow lines between the eyebrows, as well as horizontal creases, lines and wrinkles. For a forehead rejuvenation that is effective, long-lasting, yet natural looking, a Brow Lift Sacramento may be right for you.

The Brow Lift procedure is sometimes performed in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures for an overall facial rejuvenation. Some procedures Brow Lift may be paired with is an Eyelid Lift, Dermal Fillers, Botox or a Face Lift- which targets the lower portion of the face. In some cases, men and women who may be interested in Brow Lift Sacramento may be able to find the results they desire through a less invasive approach such as Dermal Fillers or Botox. To find out what your forehead rejuvenation options, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Scott Green today.