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Can You Improve Facial Symmetry?

Posted November 07, 2023 in Facial Rejuvenation

While the expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is true, it is also fair to point out that certain traits are considered appealing to most people across a variety of cultures. Study after study on facial attractiveness has concluded that test subjects find symmetrical faces to be more attractive than non-symmetrical faces. […]

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Changes You Can Expect After Breast Lift

Posted October 08, 2023 in Breast Lift

Are you sad to find that your breasts hang lower on your chest than they did in your early 20s? Breast ptosis may be a common consequence of aging, but that does not mean you have to love the way it affects your appearance. Fortunately, you have a great cosmetic option for rejuvenating your breasts: […]

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How Long Can You Enjoy Your Mommy Makeover Results?

Posted September 08, 2023 in Mommy Makeover

When you consider plastic surgery, it only makes sense that you would want to know how long you can expect to enjoy the results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green is pleased to report that his mommy makeover patients can enjoy their results for a long time. Read on to find out the approximate duration […]

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Coronal vs. Endoscopic Brow Lift: Which Is Right for You?

Posted August 09, 2023 in Brow Lift

Have you started noticing some changes on your forehead? Like it or not, that’s a common part of aging. Loose skin sags, eyebrows sink closer to your eyes, and the lines between your brows and across your forehead become a permanent fixture. One of the best ways to make cosmetic improvements to your forehead is […]

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Why Women Feel So Much Happier After Breast Reduction

Posted July 10, 2023 in Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is one of the plastic surgeries with the highest satisfaction rate among patients. The reason for that is no mystery — in addition to being an effective cosmetic procedure, breast reduction can also transform the way a woman feels. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Green shares some of the reasons why so many […]

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