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Decisions You Will Need to Make for Your Breast Augmentation


Posted June 01, 2021 in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure. Before undergoing surgery, you will need to make a few key decisions to attain the breasts you have always dreamed of. Elite Sacramento plastic surgeon Scott Green discusses these decisions below.

The Type of Implants You Want

Breast augmentation can be performed with  different types of implants: saline, or silicone. Each implant has its own pros and cons. While silicone implants are the most popular choice, patients usually take multiple factors into account when deciding between these types, including texture, firmness, shape, price and safety.

The Size of the Implants

Once you have a type  worked out, there is a lot of flexibility with the size. Some women are looking to moderately increase their cup size while other women want a dramatically different bustline. Depending on the manufacturer, implants range in size from 100cc to 800cc. Most women will choose a size in the middle of that range, but ultimately only you and your surgeon can decide the breast size that is ideal and safe for your body.

Where to Place the Incision

In order to place the breast implant inside your body, your surgeon will need to make incisions. While they will become less pronounced after given time to heal, some amount of scarring is inevitable. Most frequently incisions are made where the bottom of the breast and chest meet, so scars can be hidden along that crease. Some women elect to have the incision placed around the nipple where scars blend in well with the areola, while others prefer to have the surgery performed through cuts in the armpit.

Who Should Perform Your Surgery?

It may seem obvious that the best surgical results are achieved by the best plastic surgeons, but you might be surprised at just how many patients who are less than thrilled with their breast augmentation admit that they did not do much research when selecting a doctor. When choosing a surgeon, look for someone with an abundance of experience, a kind and professional demeanor and a photo gallery full of impressive before-and-after photographs showcasing previous surgical outcomes.

If you are looking for a top-notch surgeon to perform breast augmentation, you can count on Dr. Green to combine amazing aesthetic results along with quality care. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Green to seek his expert opinion on any of the decisions you will need to make for breast augmentation.