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Breast Augmentation Tops List of Most-Desired Sacramento Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


Posted April 06, 2013 in Uncategorized

In Sacramento, breast augmentation remains a sought-after procedure despite a tough economy. Dr. Scott Green, a board-certified plastic surgeon near Folsom, explains this procedure’s recession-resistant attraction.

Sacramento, California (July 2009) – A local plastic surgeon says that breast augmentation in Sacramento still tops the list of “must-have” cosmetic surgery procedures for women in the Capitol area. Dr. Scott Green, a board-certified plastic surgeon focusing on breast and body enhancements, says he continues to see a high demand for procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift.

“For many women, these plastic surgery procedures are so important because they achieve a more beautiful breast shape, enhancing a woman’s femininity and beauty at the same time,” says Dr. Green. “Many patients decide to meet with me because they’ve lost breast fullness from weight loss or pregnancy, but for others the motivating factor is just the simple desire to have a more natural and satisfying look. The bottom line though is that many women would rather not wait to enjoy an enhanced breast appearance.”

Breast augmentation is popular for Sacramento and Folsom cosmetic surgery patients who want to enhance their existing breast size, and for those women who are considering reshaping breasts that have changed shape over time. In many cases, women choose to integrate breast augmentation with another procedure, such as a breast lift or tummy tuck.

“The ability to combine cosmetic breast surgery with other procedures is partly why breast augmentation remains a popular choice,” says Dr. Green. “Women today have more choices than there were in the past, and combining procedures offers a safe and effective approach to larger-scale transformation.”

Many well-respected plastic surgeons such as Dr. Green perform combination surgeries. Women prefer to combine their cosmetic surgery procedures to save money, reduce recovery rime, and achieve a more comprehensive makeover. Several cosmetic surgeons in Folsom and Sacramento discuss the full range of choices available for breast augmentation, including implant type and incision location.

“When I meet with my patients to plan their breast augmentation, I want to make sure I understand their perspectives fully, so I personally help them decide on the various materials and surgical techniques that are right for them,” adds Dr. Green. “I am confident that breast augmentation will remain a popular choice for local women for years to come, especially as breast implant technology and surgical techniques continue to advance.”

Dr. Scott Green is located in the Sacramento area, where he and his staff are dedicated to treating patients with the utmost care. Learn more about how Sacramento breast augmentation can enhance your look when you request a consultation with Dr. Green or view his breast augmentation photo gallery.